White Space Database

The best Television broadcast band data available anywhere.

This online service provides automated access to the Key Bridge TV Bands white space database.

The Key Bridge White Space Database is a single, consolidated source of TV-Band services including licensed (protected) services, unlicensed and experimental services within the United States and territories. This is available to you via comprehensive API and set of web services.


Retrieve an authorized Whitespace Response object containing a list of available channels to an FCC-certified device at the indicated location. This resource supports Rules-compliant unlicensed operation of unlicensed TV-band White Space devices in the United States.


Identify the wireless microphone reserved channels. Two queries are available: At a single point or throughout and extended area.


Retrieve a comprehensive description of White Space channel availability for any location within the United States. This service supports ad-hoc query, search and geographic analysis.


In accordance with FCC Rule, Key Bridge freely publishes registrations contained within our TV Bands White Space database. This page provides details for how to access, download and read this information.

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