White Space Device Activation

Self-directed consumer activation and access for all FCC-certified White Space devices.

Unlicensed and Free to Use

Key Bridge will never charge consumers to activate or operate their FCC-certified White Space devices.
TVWS Transmitters

U.S. white space device types

Collaboration and Coexistence

Key Bridge promotes consumer adoption of unlicensed wireless broadband. We are proud to be a leading developer of White Space coexistence, situational awareness and network planning resources. Our detailed spectrum information and advanced data services enable White Space devices to make better decisions and to more efficiently use available spectrum at their location or area of interest.

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White Space spectrum presents a new and exciting opportunity for consumers and businesses to use wireless devices and services on spectrum that is unoccupied but would ordinarily be off limits. In the United States, White Space operation is presently allowed in the VHF and UHF Television broadcast frequencies. There are two envisioned classes of unlicensed devices: access points that create a network and clients that join a network. Access points are further divided into two categories: fixed infrastructure and transportable or mobile.

White Space operating scenarios present several unique challenges for spectrum sharing and interference avoidance but the practical aspects of a successful broadband ecosystem are similar to other wireless environments like cellular networks and smart grids, where regardless of the spectrum occupied the entire value proposition requires a system that functions as designed and where failures, whether produced by error or attack, can result in significant loss of revenue, reputation and potential legal penalties.

Embedded Applications

Contact Us to discuss how your customers to benefit from mapping, database search, spectrum situational awareness and exclusive White Space functionality from within your own network planning and management applications and services.

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