Open Source Software

Technology development and innovation is central to our company’s strategy and performance. We collaborate widely to build and improve useful software components and technologies, always asking the question "How could this be improved?". Out results are cutting edge.

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We develop and publish open source software

Open source plays an important role in software innovation. It enables new methods, techniques and improvements to iteratively build on their predecessors. Open source software also benefits from community supported bug tracking and algorithm development, where software source code benefits from multiple sources of quality assurance and testing.

Open standards are also critical for technology innovation. They foster and support the establishment of solid foundations upon which new systems, software and innovations can be safely constructed. Open standards efficiently share and propagate best practices and reduce wasted effort "re-inventing the same wheel".

Key Bridge our partners are significant contributors of open source technologies, and Key Bridge is proud to have proposed, published and contributed many important technologies, specifications and implementation know-how into the public domain for spectrum administration, spectrum sharing and other related faculties.

We support and enable third party innovation and development with free access to our web services and APIs for non-commercial and educational use.

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