Spectrum Data & Databases

Includes national and international spectrum allocations, wireless service registrations and equipment configuration parameters plus measured or reported spectrum occupancy, cleaned raw data, and more.

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Key Bridge provides programmatic access to one of the largest private databases of wireless service and spectrum occupancy information in the world.

Big Data at your fingertips

Available through a large and growing portfolio of well-documented, standards-compliant web services and data models, keybridge data & database backed web services empower clients to accelerate development and delivery of their own wireless products and services.

Key Bridge Processed Public Data offers a single consolidated source to access processed and cleaned data collected from many different sources. We think you will find our Processed Public Data even better than the real thing for research, education, application development and any other application requiring access to wireless service data.

  • A single consolidated data source
  • High-availability and performance
  • Clean and consistent field values
  • Thoroughly documented data models
  • Valid foreign and primary keys

Let us worry about collecting, processing, importing and analyzing raw data from dozens of sources so you can find exactly what you need when you need it.


A comprehensive database of national and international frequency allocations. Search by frequency, country and range.


Provides azimuthal and elevation radiation profiles from hundreds of manufacturers including thousands of directional antenna, organized by make and model with comprehensive vendor technical detail


This database contains a complete list of device manufacturers, test and measurement companies, private certification agencies, and, most importantly, extensive technical details about every transmitter approved for operation within the United States.


Provides a consolidated, single repository of wireless microphone vendor frequency bands and associated operating parameters.


Offers a comprehensive tower location and siting database (US markets only).


The cleanest, most current and most comprehensive picture of wireless services operating within the Television broadcast bands available anywhere.

Contains all known TV-Band services including licensed (protected) services, unlicensed and experimental services within the United States and territories.


Processed and cleaned data sets collected from various public sources.

Provides automated access to raw or minimally processed data that is generally available or already in the public domain but is not conveniently accessible, poorly documented or of such poor quality that extensive processing is required to render it usable.

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Contact us to discuss integrating Key Bridge technologies into your own solutions.

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