Industry Canada Broadcast Database
July 24, 2014

Key Bridge is pleased to announce general availability of Industry Canada BDBS Broadcast Data Extract (AM-FM-TV) raw data download and web service.

This data source provides a cleaned and normalized version of the Industry Canada Broadcast (AM-FM-TV) database system, commonly called BDBS.

The BDBS database provides programmatic access to technical details for all licensed AM, FM, TV and SDAR transmitters approved for operation within Canada. The free web service allows users to search the Key Bridge database for Canadian stations by specific location, geographic area and be call sign. Key Bridge also provides a complete software library and logical data model to import and manipulate data from the web service.

Documentation about the Key Bridge BDBS service is located under the Source section of the Key Bridge Spectrum Data & Databases resource. The open-source BDBS software library is available on the Key Bridge GitHub repository.

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