Key Bridge to chair new DSA/White Space Database Interoperability Work Group
February 11, 2011

The DSA/White Space Database Interoperability Work Group will support white space database administrators and all entities that must communicate with them by defining the application layer communications of spectrum administration databases.

Two separate documents will be developed by this group: ”Database Synchronization Guidelines” providing recommendations on database to database communications, and “Device Interoperability Specifications” which will establish methods, policies and best practice implementations, including system operation, data ownership and confidentiality, information assurance and ecosystem integrity, integration with service provider operations, interference avoidance, mediation and incident response.

The work of this group will build on years of previous activity in this area, and has participation from a broad base of industry stakeholders, including multiple candidate database administrators, TV band device manufacturers and incumbent representatives.

“The TV White Spaces represent an important new public resource,” states Jesse Caulfield of Key Bridge Global LLC and chair of this new work group. “Key Bridge strongly believes that spectrum must be administered in an open and neutral manner, and we have found the Wireless Innovation Forum to be an excellent location to establish consensus through open, deliberative exchange. We are very pleased to participate and add our contributions to the success of this important effort.”

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