White Space Developer Resources
July 2, 2013

Key Bridge recently updated our entire Managed Web Services and Developer software to WSIF version 5.0. This update also includes a complete rewrite of our developer documentation, providing significantly more only support and technical details to guide you from idea to project completion.

Our comprehensive portfolio of White Space services enable developers to access many of the core primitives of the Key Bridge White Space System including registrations, device information, user account interfaces and more.

If you're building an application that leverages core White Space System features then this is the API for you.

Many of our services are free to use, and we offers a free 30-day evaluation of our Commercial web services and data.

To get started you need an API Key, which is available free of charge and easily created after you sign in to the White Space Portal.

More information is available in the documentation section of our White Space Portal.

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