Major Upgrade to GIS Web Services
October 16, 2015

GIS Web Services v2.0.0 now Public

Key Bridge is pleased to announce a significant upgrade and general availability of our Geographic Information Services API. The current version 2.0.0 includes a simplified data transfer and encoding scheme plus dozens of newly available features, data and calculation capabilities.

The Key Bridge GIS API presents an integrated and interoperable set of component technologies and resources for comprehensive geographic analysis and spatial calculations. The Key Bridge Geographic Information Services API is designed and developed for low-latency, high-reliability, and predictable precision.

The service includes an unlimited free tier for general use, with enhanced customer access to our comprehensive mapping and visualization resources.

Newly available features and resources include the GIS:Boundary service, which provides programmatic access to our comprehensive database of political, economic and other defined geographic boundaries, including worldwide time zones, all internationally recognized national borders, plus U.S. States, Counties and Census Tracts.

Learn more about Key Bridge and our GIS capabilities at

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