White Space Portal Version 2.0
July 16, 2013

Following our successful public trial in the United States we've incorporated hundreds of updates and improvements throughout the system to offer even more automation and an overall better user experience.

  • Improved Registration Forms

We've listened to your comments and suggestions and added a shopping cart feature to our White Space registration forms. This useful feature enables you to quickly identify the information you need to collect and allows you to review the status of your registration at a glance.

  • More Extensive Documentation

Portal documentation has been edited and revised into three sections to help you quickly find what you need. The Basics to help you get started, Applications to help you get the most out of our online information resources, and Registration to help you speed through the White Space registration forms.

  • Improved Location Services

Key Bridge location services have been more tightly integrated into our applications and web forms to help you quickly identify and configure precise location details. Key Bridge AutoLocation™ helps you identify your present location, while integrated geocoding enables you to seamlessly translate between maps, coordinates and street addresses. You can also directly configure extended 2D geographic areas like golf courses, theme parks or campuses.

  • Faster and Better White Space Applications

We've incorporated dozens of performance enhancement, user-interface improvements and new features in to our current White Space applications. Check out the new contour displays in our Spectrum Explorer and Database Browser and enhanced relationship mapping between services. Users now also have the ability to extend our applications with their own data feeds and information overlays.

... and many more.

Check out our new and improved White Space portal at http://keybridgeglobal.com/whitespace

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