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Shared Spectrum Administration

Shared Spectrum Access

White Space spectrum refers to wireless frequencies that are typically allocated or assigned to a licensed user but may also be used on a subordinate basis by unlicensed users on a non-interfering basis.

White space operation within the United States is currently authorized on frequencies historically reserved for broadcast Television service.

Most consumer electronics, such as WiFi devices, also operate on a non-interfering basis. You've probably read the disclaimer on a label: This device may not interfere with and must accept interference from other devices....

Key Bridge is an FCC-designated White Space administrator, and our White Space System enables spectrum sharing and co-existence between licensed and unlicensed users.

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What is white space?
News & Announcements

News & Announcements

Key Bridge Global LLC (Key Bridge) today announces general commercial availability of its TV White Space System to provide...

Following our successful public trial in the United States we've incorporated hundreds of updates and improvements ...

Key Bridge recently updated our entire Managed Web Services and Developer software to WSIF version 5.0. This u...

On Monday, May 20, 2013 Key Bridge submitted our proposal to the FCC to develop and manage an independent database of site...

March 11, 2013White Space Trial

As announced by the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology in a Public Notice released on Mond...

Today the FCC Office of Engineering and Technology announced the opening of public testing for the Key Bridge White Space ...

White Space Information Format

WSIF Version 5.0
Key Bridge is pleased to announce the release of version 5.0 of the White Space Information Format (WSIF) and open-source software implementation.

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Technology Spotlight

White Space Database Browser™

database browser e.g. kaid

Database Browser™
The Key Bridge Database Browser is a rich Internet application that enables quick and simple access to database records for browsing, searching and reviewing.

This rich Internet application demonstrates the richness of technical information contained within the Key Bridge White Space database and available via our comprehensive developer API. The White Space Database Browser has been updated and now includes forward and reverse references for TV Translators, improved mapping and plotting, and many other feature enhancements suggested by you.

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